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Unlike the Centre Region, most communities with a population of several thousand or more are located adjacent to a river or a large body of fresh water.  For those communities, water management is relatively simple: “Pump it and Dump It.” 

Water is pumped from the...

This article was originally published by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission: State of the Susquehanna 2010 Report.

Spring Creek, a famous stream in the West Branch of the Susquehanna River watershed, is aptly named.  Within this 146-square-mile watershed, there are...

Map of land use in the Spring Creek Watershed in 2014.

By clicking on the map above, you will open it as a pdf image that you can enlarge.

Rain falls everywhere on the Spring Creek watershed. Where it falls, whether on the forested ridges, the agricultural valleys, or th...

Forested watersheds provide many benefits to humans. One of the most important is to provide clean, clear drinking water but forested watersheds also support fish and wildlife and provide endless recreational opportunities. An often overlooked benefit of forested water...

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