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Spring Creek Watershed Atlas Photo Contest

The Spring Creek Watershed Atlas work group announces a photo contest.  We invite photographers to submit a photo that reflects the character or natural beauty of the watershed.  A selected set of photos will be displayed on our website, and the winning photographer and photo will be highlighted.  Any entrant submitting a photo acknowledges that the photo is owned by that entrant and further, entrant acknowledges that Spring Creek Watershed Commission can use the photo without any
compensation to the entrant and/or photographer. Entrants shall submit photos that do not contain any identifiable persons.

Along with the photo submission, entrants should include:

  • title

  • date if pertinent

  • photo credit

  • the following statement: Entrant gives the Spring Creek Watershed Commission permission to post the photo on the Atlas website maintained by the Commission and acknowledges that entrant is the owner of the photo and will not be compensated for any use by the Commission.  


Submissions will be accepted until June 1, 2020.

 Submissions should be sent to with the subject "Photo Contest Submission"

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