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Nature of the Watershed

The articles in this section deal mainly with the natural resources of the watershed.

Physical Setting

Water Resources

Biological Features

  • Status of Fish Populations

  • Common Aquatic Invertebrates in the Spring Creek Watershed

  • Crayfish in Spring Creek

  • Aquatic Resources of Spring Creek: A Historical Perspective

  • The Spring Creek Water Resource

  • Land Cover - Its Impact on Water Quality

  • The Importance of Forests in Water

  • Geography of the Spring Creek Watershed

  • Why Two Boundaries? 

  • The Soils of the Spring Creek Watershed

  • Wetlands of the Spring Creek Watershed


The wide variety of recreational opportunities in the watershed are described in this section.

  • A Home Water Love Affair: Fishing Spring Creek

  • Millbrook Marsh - Nature's Treasure in Our Backyard

  • Birding in the Spring Creek Watershed


In this section, historical and contemporary activities directly or indirectly related to the economy are explored.

  • The Municipal Water System

  • Wastewater Treatment in the Spring Creek Watershed

  • Penn State's Wastewater Treatment System: Embracing Water Sustainability


This section emphasizes the regulatory aspects of the Federal, state, county, and local governments that directly address conservation and development activities.

  • Susquehanna River Basin Commission

  • An Overview of Pennsylvania Water Law

  • Municipal Ordinances in the Watershed

  • Source Water Protection Through Zoning

Issues and Solutions

This section touches on a wide variety of topics that illustrate how human activities influence natural resources and how governmental and nongovernmental actions strive to minimize negative consequences of human activities, particularly development.

Population Growth

Water Resource Management

Ecological Issues

  • Stream Habitat Improvement and Restoration - Dynamic Nature of Streams

  • New Zealand Mudsnail in Spring Creek

  • Sustainability of the Trout Fishery

  • Stormwater on the Urban Landscape

  • Critical Water Planning Area Design

  • Potentially Stressed Area Designation

  • Demographics of the Spring Creek Watershed

  • Growth and Water

  • Preserving Open Spaces


This section provides a rich array of educational materials for use in the classroom and in field studies.

Watershed Curriculum


Additional Resources

  • DEP Lake/Reservoir Field Data Sheet

  • Background of Groundwater

  • DEP Stream Assessment Worksheet

  • Surf Your Watershed

  • Water Topics

  • Rivers & Streams

  • NOAA's Freshwater Education Resources

  • DCNR's Watershed Education

  • Huntingdon County Conservation District's Lesson Plans 

  • Project Wild K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide

  • Stroud Water Research Center Curriculum Support

  • Penn State Extension Youth Water Education 

  • The WATER Project